This Mommy Baking Life is No Joke!

To All My Beautiful Mommy Bakers I Salute You!

I too wake up at 5:30 a.m. every morning with hopes to have 30 minutes of quiet time and meditation. Hoping that while I am sitting there with my coffee in one hand and my thoughts of how my day should go that there are no interruptions. However, reality sets in real quick when I hear little itty bitty footsteps and a voice that says, “Mommy can we cuddle?” The look on my face of disbelief fills the room like someone just slapped the coffee out of my hand because Mommy’s 30 minutes are officially over! Instead, with a soft voice and soft eyes I pick up my baby, cuddle, and think of how every sacrifice that I’ve made in my cake journey is for them. The long nights of baking, long hours in the kitchen, phone calls that take you away, cake tasting appointments, delivering cakes, picture taking, editing, and looking crazy with buttercream still in your hair and forehead from the night before. Ahhh… all these sacrifices for the sake of providing a better life for our babies. So I sit on the couch with my little angel and savor the moment knowing those days of cuddling will soon come to an end as the teenage years fastly approach. Even though this Mommy baking life is no joke, this is what I do with pride and joy. Yes, who doesn’t want to be on a stranded island sippin’ on Pina Colada’s but truth is I wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂

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