The Storm Is Over And Love Conquers

So many lives were affected by hurricane Irma. I’ve been living in Central Florida since the age of 16 and I have had my fair share of experience with hurricanes. Being that they are so unpredictable is what makes everyone anxious leaving them with this horrible feeling of uncertainty. So many brides were left with no venues and canceled weddings after a year or more of planning for the most important day of their lives. The power outages were great and are still lingering keeping many without proper food and water. However, as we worked diligently to make sure everyone received their orders on time as promised, I am so thankful we had no major hiccups during this fragile time. This sweet bride and groom’s venue was canceled due to a power outage but the venue was able to accommodate them at another one of their locations and they sealed their special day with a kiss, a ring, and one of our stunning cakes. What a season this has been for the whole state of Florida but in the end to see families gather together in the midst of so much tragedy to celebrate new beginnings and young love is priceless. #WeDidIt 

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